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Unveiling the Power of Our Lead Crew: Shaping Success through Synergy

In every successful venture, there exists a group of individuals who are not just the driving force, but the heartbeat of an organization. They are the architects of innovation, the visionaries who inspire and motivate, and the navigators who steer the ship toward its destined greatness. They are none other than our remarkable Lead Crew.

Mark – President – CoFounder

Mark, our man, and legend. He has gracefully mastered the art of balancing his roles as a devoted dad to his vibrant three-year old son, Henry, and a husband to the beautiful and accomplished wife, Cassy. And as if that wasn't enough, their family is completed by two four-legged companions: Sunny, our beloved shop dog, and Rosie, Cassy's trusty office dog. Seriously, it's a full-on circus at their place, and Mark has some hidden talents up his sleeve. Not only does he have a voice that can make angels weep with envy, but he once graced the stage as the opening act for the legendary Howie Day. Yeah, you heard that right, this guy's got more musical mojo than a karaoke party on steroids! However, this man is a certified homebody that defines “party” as heart-pounding ATV adventures to the local playground or cruising down the riverbank on a pontoon. Now he may be the "boss man" of Rabine Mechanical, but Mark's appreciation for his team knows no bounds.

Nate – General Manager Meet Nate, the extraordinary General Manager and maestro of management. With 14 years of leadership expertise, he orchestrates success with finesse. Nate's passion led him to Rabine Mechanical, where he's made a lasting impact in just one year. Beyond work, Nate's life is a thrilling blend of family and adventure. With his courageous and resilient wife, Claire, at the helm of their vessel, accompanied by their extraordinary quartet of children—Cambria, Kalena, Conner, and Cash—Nate is always on his toes. He is not just a regular dad, he’s a "cheer dad," immersing himself in his daughters' competitions. And when not caught up in cheerleading, Nate coaches his son's high school travel baseball team, fostering the spirit of triumph. While boasting an impressive management background, Nate never stops growing. He embraces continuous learning, seeking new knowledge in his relatively new(ish) industry. With insatiable curiosity, he stays ahead of the game, refining his leadership prowess with fresh perspectives and insights.

Devin: HVAC Service Manager

Get ready to meet Devin Harms, the ridiculously cool Service Manager at Rabine Mechanical. From a young age, he was knee-deep in the world of HVAC-R, holding a flashlight for his grandpa's refrigeration business. Challenges are Devin's playground, where he fearlessly tackles mind-boggling problems and takes on any role he can while on the job and in the office. For Devin, the fun doesn’t end at work—Devin flexes his mechanical muscles in his free time, fixing cars, trucks, and welding projects like a real-life MacGyver. And let's not forget his epic mullet, putting '80s rock bands to shame. Amidst the laughter and grease stains, Devin's incredible wife, Jenae, and loving kids, Jacob and Shane, keep him grounded and inspire him to be the best mullet-rocking, problem-solving, family-loving dude he can be.

Mike –Plumber Service Manager

With years of experience under his belt, Mike has honed his skills to perfection, earning him the well-deserved title of the "Soldering King." With Mike, you're not just getting a Lead Plumber and welding expert –He's got the skills, the humor, and the infectious enthusiasm to turn any mundane task into an adventure. When Mike isn't busy vanquishing leaks or joining metal with the power of his mighty torch, he transforms into the ultimate sports adventurer with his two kids; Ryker and Ryan. The triumphant trio fearless conquer baseball fields, embark on epic quests, snowboard with flair, and indulge in a fiery love for cars. Mike's multifaceted nature and diverse interests make him an exceptional individual. His dedication to his craft as a Lead Plumber, combined with his welding expertise, ensures that he consistently delivers top-notch results.

Pat – Lead Installer

Meet Pat, our Lead installer and former two-time Bellator Featherweight World Champion in mixed martial arts. Beyond his professional achievements, Pat's heart lies with his cherished family—his loving wife Marlena, son Lukas, and daughter Maya. He’s a renowned family man that relishes his inner wild child in the great outdoors. He surfs like a pro, skates like a boss, and fishes like he's auditioning for "The Real Housewives of Fishing." With 13 years of expertise, he thrives in the fast-paced environment of problem-solving, bringing solutions to every challenge that comes his way. Pat: the unstoppable force of nature, a true champion in all aspects of life.

Graham – Lead HVAC technician

Bonjour! Graham, the man of culture, possesses the enchantment of the French language and HVAC wizardry. With a touch of elegance, he troubleshoots systems and charms air molecules. But Graham is more than meets the eye. He's a connoisseur of extraordinary experiences, losing himself in the rhythm of live music and venturing into captivating sci-fi realms. Graham's imagination knows no bounds as Graham also leads a secret life as a PC gaming wizard. He triumphs over virtual chaos, displaying strategy, dexterity, and heroic leadership. With 15 years in the HVAC world, Graham masters the art of creating the perfect indoor climate, be it scorching summers or frosty winters. His finesse and precision in troubleshooting complex systems bring comfort to every corner.

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