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"I couldn't be happier with the service he provided. From start to finish, he exemplified the utmost professionalism and expertise in his field.

Not only did he arrive promptly, but he also took the time to explain the entire process to me, ensuring I fully understood the issue with my system. His clear and concise communication immediately made me trust in his work."

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Judson University 

I wanted to take the time today to write a quick note recognizing the incredible partnership we have with Rabine Mechanical.  As a University with 17 buildings, you can imagine the amount of contractors we have had rolling through the doors over the last sixteen years that I have been working here; a plethora to say the least.  Rabine Mechanical has been incredibly easy and professional to work with and now that a Plumbing element has been established, we are excited to see what that future partnership has to offer.  I have faith in Mark's abilities as both an industry expert and leader, and consider him a rapid problem solver, which makes him invaluable to a client such as myself.  Keeping building mechanical systems properly running is extremely important to our institution from both a customer service perspective and from a maintenance perspective, we would not be able to do this as efficiently if it wasn't for Rabine Mechanical.  Having been recently introduced to Mike Boston, I now see that Rabine Mechanical goes above and beyond when hiring talent which speaks highly of not only the top level of quality you provide in your work, but also the professional demeanor all of your personnel display.  I'm encouraged moving forward, knowing we have Rabine Mechanical in our corner to assist us in upcoming projects, and I wanted to take the time to commend your organization for being a University partner.  Your continued partnership is greatly appreciated, keep up the good work! 


On behalf of Judson University, Thank you!

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Residential Install

Rabine Mechanical has been amazing with my HVAC system. Originally they worked on my AC unit to make it more efficient and effective. It was an older model but they respected my budgetary constraints and made repairs instead of insisting on a new unit. When I needed a new window well and needed the AC unit replaced, Rabine Mechanical worked within a limited window of time to remove the old unit and install a new HVAC system. All of the employees were respectful of my home and were efficient with their work. I highly recommend Rabine Mechanical. 

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